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T5AotW: Week 28
February 15, 2009, 8:47 pm
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Week 28:

1. Reality by David Bowie
Bowie’s latest album (2003) and also one of his finest. I love listening to this album but every time I do I feel sad that Bowie hasn’t done anything major in the musical world since.

2. Tour de France Soundtracks by Kraftwerk
I’m not sure what this album has to do with bicycling, but it’s quite good. I’m not too familiar with Kraftwerk, but I do want to hear more.

3. The Cure by The Cure
The Cure are going to be at Coachella so I’ve been listening up on them. This album is interesting to say the least. Released in 2004, it’s very different from the standard Cure sound. It’s very heavy. Like. I don’t even know. Much harsher sound, but still just as whiny. One of the songs is about a waffle, I think.

4. Kid A by Radiohead
My first exposure to Radiohead was their Pablo Honey album which sucked very much, but I have heard many good things about this one so I gave it a try. Pretty good, but nothing as spectacular like some people think. If David Bowie hadn’t made the exact same music ten times better over 30 years ago, I could see how this album could be considered great. But it’s still good.

5. Mixed Up by The Cure
The only CD I have that has “Lovesong” on it. Love that song.