Tea for the Bloggerman

And she brings you tea and oranges…
December 20, 2008, 10:41 pm
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It finally happened: I have become obsessed with tea. I have been a lifelong tea drinker, ever since my Grandmother made me a cup of her Orange Spice tea when I was really little. I always drink tea. At restaurants I drink tea, at work I drink tea, at home I drink tea. Tea tea tea. This is nothing new for me.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to loose leaf tea. Wtf, no tea bag? Yes. I was in Lititz, PA and I went into an herb shop sold loose tea. I got four kinds: Russian Caravan, a berry blend, spearmint for my stomach, and orange spice. I also bought a strainer. Since trying that loose leaf tea there was no going back. I was hooked on the good stuff.

I started ordering tea online, trying all different kinds of black tea and life was good. However I recently saw a documentary on tea that has changed my way of thinking about tea. In the documentary they show how the tea is grown, harvested, and processed, as well as an in-depth look at how to brew tea, what pottery to use for what kinds, and what some of the most expensive tea looks like. I was amazed. So intricate! I had to give it a try. I was going Gongfu.

This is the start of my tea journey, so I’ll be adding entries here on that journey. I went out to the Japan Food Market here in Las Vegas and bought the following: a packet of Maeda-en Sencha green tea, Maeda-en Hojicha roasted green tea, and a small Kyusu (Japanese clay teapot for brewing green tea) and cup set. The following day I bought a small timer, a measuring cup (shaped like a chickeny egg), a small stone water pitcher, and a lobster butter warmer that I have converted into a teapot warmer. In the very near future I plan on going to Chinatown to look for some Chinese teaware so that I may venture into Gongfu-style Oolong and Puer-eh. Until then, this is what I have. It’s going to be a fun and tasty journey.



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Learning to brew your own tea is the best thing in the world because once you learn about loose leaf tea, the tastes you have available to you are unlimited. Congratulations, from a lifelong tea drinker.

Comment by poietes

I was there for it! In Lititz, PA! My mom always talked about having a tea house, you sort of got me into tea. I kind of sort of hated it when I was little and then I refused to drink it since then and then I was like oh. Josh drinks it, okay! Hahaha, thanks for that.

Comment by Yanira

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