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T5AotW: Week 18
December 7, 2008, 10:42 pm
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Week Eighteen: December 7th

1. King of the Delta Blues Singers by Son House
I don’t have a real copy of this so I used a photo of Son House for the picture. The title of the album expresses my opinion of Son House: he was the alpha and the omega, chillun. I recently re-retuned one of my guitars to Open G so I could play Death Letter Blues. Such a moving song, so emotional. I love Son dearly.

2. Iggy Pop
I have NOT been listening to Fun House this week, but I have been listening to a lot of Iggy Pop this week this will be my stand in. Mainly “The Passenger” (fun to play along with on the harmonica) and some assorted other songs. There’s an interesting video on youtube of Iggy playing “Louie, Louie,” “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” and “Pablo Picasso” on an acoustic guitar. I didn’t know the Iguana was left-handed until I saw that video. =]

3. Red Patent Leather by New York Dolls
The New York Dolls are new to me but they have taken my mind by storm. I am very much interested in early punk, especially live early punk shows. There’s something about the energy of the performances that appeal to me. This is a solidly good New York Dolls album that displays this never-ending pool of energy that early punk shows had. Plus the NYD had such a strong blues influence to their sound, it’s delicious. They cover Sonny Boy Williamson II’s “Don’t Start Me Talkin'” on a couple of albums and Mr. David plays his harp on a number of tracks on this CD. Good stuff.

4. Anti- Sampler
The only songs I’ve been listening to on this are “Dig Lazarus, Dig!” by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and the track by N.A.S.A featuring Tom Waits. The Nick Cave song is okay but could be stronger, but the Tom Waits song is surprisingly excellent. Tom Waits can take any musicial genre and call it his own, and rap is no exception. A great collaboration, but I hope Tom leaves it at that. I would hate to see a full studio album of Tom hip-hopping it up. I can see it now. Bowler hat and black blazer with a Flava Flav clock and grill. Lord don’t let that happen.

5. The Alligator Records Christmas CD
Bluesy holiday songs. William Clarke and Charlie Musselwhite do some excellent harmonica blowing on this.


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That last CD sounds interesting! We should listen to it over our phone Christmas party.

Comment by Yanira

I love son house too. I have a tape someone made for me of his first recordings. SOme of the stuff has two guitars on it. Do you know who recorded with him? I think I can tell which one is Son and I swear the second guitar sounds like Robert Johnson. Not sure if that is even possible as far as the ages of the two are concerned. I know Johnson was influenced by son house but not sure if they ever actually played together. Do you know?

Comment by sleepytomnc

I believe the man playing with Son House on those early recordings is Willie Brown, who played with Charley Patton and Robert Johnson as well. Johnson even refers to Brown by name in “Crossroad Blues.” I’m sure Johnson and House played together but I highly doubt that any recordings exist of it. They were both wanderers so they probably didn’t spend too much time together.

Comment by Yaanon

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