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T5AotW: Week Thirteen
November 2, 2008, 6:44 pm
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Week Thirteen: November 2nd

Last night I saw the Experience Hendrix tour at the Palms. Almost four hours of blazing guitar stunt-work. Absolutely astounding. Here is a breakdown of the highlights from the show:

1. Billy Cox, bassist for Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys
Billy Cox was there to help shape Hendrix’s sound and he was there last night, bass-ing it up next to contemporary guitar giants. He provided vocals to a number of songs and created a very nostalgic aura for the show.

2. Hubert Sumlin, guitarist for the Howlin’ Wolf Band
77 year old Hubert Sumlin, who underwent LUNG REMOVAL SURGERY in 2004, was there, playing along with the guys from Los Lobos and Buddy Guy. A true blues guitar legend. He walked out on stage with a very humble face but a sharp wardrobe. Full suit and tie with a beautiful hat. He looked like a million bucks. His guitar playing has suffered a lot recently, and whenever he was given a solo the audience had to lean forward to hear him, but his presence on stage was enough to lure me into a standing ovation.

3. Jonny Lang
Jonny Lang only played about three songs but he put his all into it. Jonny is known far and wide for his guitar mastery, and he shattered the limits of the instrument with a searing rendition of “Fire,” but he is also a passionate vocalist. There is no halfway with Jonny. Either go all the way or don’t bother walking out on stage. He and the young man below will go down in the history books.

4. Kenny Wayne Shephard
Kenny Wayne Shephard stole the show! His set was about halfway through the event and when he was through nearly everyone in attendance was standing and roaring. Even though the first song he played wasn’t too impressive, he soon exploded with an impossible rendition of Voodoo Chile and Voodoo Child (Slight Return). Unbelievable. I don’t know how anyone’s hands could be that fast. If there’s going to be an heir to Jimi Hendrix this generation, it will be KWS.

5. Buddy Guy
Buddy Guy, the second coming of Christ, was a personal highlight of the show. His set was at the end and rightly so for they saved the best for last. Buddy is hilarious. During his personal set he didn’t even bother to play Hendrix, he just did whatever the hell he wanted to! It wasn’t until the last two songs when others came out on stage to ring him in and end with “Red House” and “Hey Joe.” Had no one told him otherwise, he would’ve played all night. Buddy was also one of the few people at the show to do any guitar tricks! Eric Gales in the beginning played behind his head which was impressive, but Buddy played with the guitar on his shoulder and rubbed the strings on his stomach and did a number of entertaining stunts. He was having such a good time he lost his place in the song a couple of times. It was wonderful. I’m so glad I went.


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When I was younger, I always wanted to name a dog Buddy Guy.

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