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All Along the Waterfront: Bob Dylan at AEG Concerts on the Green
September 10, 2008, 12:47 am
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Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking a hot, uncomfortable bus ride down to San Diego. I was hungry, sweaty, and cramped, but it was all worth because on that Saturday (the 6th) I would be seeing the one and only Bob Dylan, one of my idols, in concert in a place I hold dear more than any other location.

I woke up at around 5:30am on Friday in order to prepare for my 8am Greyhound bus ride. The bus ride lasted until 4pm with a transfer in San Bernadino, and upon arriving in San Diego I felt instantly better. Yanira met me near the Pizza Hut that is connected to the Greyhound station and we proceeded from there to 7-11 where I bought some Arizona iced tea to quench my thirst. From there we walked to the trolley station where I bought my three-day trolley pass and waited for the train. While waiting someone walked by wearing a 2008 Montreal Jazz Festival shirt. Small world.

The trolley came eventually and we boarded. From there it was on to the Old Town San DIego area where Yanira lives. From there we ordered pizza, decorated cupcakes for the birthday of one of Yanira’s roommates, and watched two French movies, “Amelie” and “Paris, je t’aime,” both excellent movies that I would recommend to anyone. It was no surprise that I would like “Amelie” because of my extreme fondness for the soundtrack. Yann Tiersen’s accordion is immaculate; the movie cannot be more than a little less than perfect with that music.

The following day was Saturday, the day of the concert. Leftover pizza was on the menu for breakfast, yum. The only thing on the schedule before the concert was a trip to Old Town, which we went on around noon. I love Old Town San Diego, a place where some of the early buildings of the Spanish settlements in California are preserved and maintained as museums. There are also lots of other tourists attractions too, restaurants and shops and the like. All in all a lovely place to spend the day. And what a lovely day it was too. The weather could not have been better. Why oh why must I live in blazing-ass Vegas?

In Old Town we looked at most of the shops and buildings before sitting down in a restaurant for iced tea and chips while watching crazy raver circus performers give knives to children. At one of the vendors I found something that made my heart soar like a big soaring thing: a toy accordion! And a great one at that! The sound is so rich and loud! I’ve been toying with it since, but I can’t do much with it. I can play Sabbath’s “Iron Man” thanks to a tab I found online, and a C major scale, but that’s about it so far. Yann Tiersen here I come!

At around 4ish we left Old Town and went back to the apartment. More leftover pizza was eaten, blankets were grabbed, and we were off to Qualcomm Stadium. We got there around 4:45ish and the line was already enormous. The concert started at 8, doors opened at 7. Guess we weren’t as early as we thought. We assumed our place in line and waited like good chirren, talking amongst ourselves and with the obsessive middle-aged woman Dylan fanatic behind us. She  was also a Leonard Cohen fan and my Leonard Cohen tour t-shirt gave us away as fellow Cohenites. Around ten minutes or so into our waiting a security person from the venue made his rounds down the line to inform everyone that no cameras would be allowed but lawn chairs were okay. Even though their website clearly says “no cameras with removable lenses” and “no lawn chairs.” Le sigh. I prepared to take the trolley back to the apartment to drop off our cameras and come back, but asked the guard anyway about our situation. He said to just explain that we didn’t drive to the stadium and they would do something stupid like ask us to take the batteries out or something. So we waited more, camera bundled up in our blankets hoping they wouldn’t search. I had Yanira hold the blankets because she looks far more innocent than I.

Eventually the line starts moving and behold, four tables of security personnel going through and searching everyone. We went to our table and said we just had a blanket and jackets. They said we could just shake them down and keep moving. Yanira feebly shook the mass of blanket in her arms and we were allowed safe passage. Eat that, AEG!

We made our way to the front of the large field and laid out our blanket with the rest of the crowd. It appeared like it was going to be a nice night, laying out on our blankets listening to Dylan croon. But alas, people soon started to crowd to the front and everyone had no choice but to pack up their blankets and lawn chairs and smash forward. Before the havoc I made my way to the merch table and bought a poster and the “eco-friendly” bag I mentioned earlier.

At 8 the concert begins and man, what a concert it was! Bob was in top-form that night, completely annihilating the low bar I had set for the concert. Watching recent youtube videos of him would lead one to believe that his voice is COMPLETELY, not partially but COMPLETELY, destroyed. Not rough and smokey like his vocals on Modern Times, but  REAL GONE. Like Tom Waits with a tracheotomy gone. Watch this clip to get a feeling of what I was expecting:

But his voice was far from that; in fact, I would even describe it as strong! And Bob appeared to have such a good time playing, which shatters his image as a morose musician tapping on his keyboard for a couple of hours and leaving to collect his check. He smiled in between verses, would occasionally glance at the audience (but still kept from facing us), stuck his tongue out on more than one occasion, bopped his knees at particularly rhythmic moments in songs, and walked around the stage in between songs with a sort of skip in his step. His harmonica playing was also very surprising; it appears Bob has actually learned how to play it, and is playing it well.

The set list was excellent as well. Mostly newer tunes from Modern Times, “Love and Theft,” and Time Out of Mind, but a number of revamped classics were included like “The Times They Are A-Changin’,” “She Belongs to Me,” “Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again,” “Highway 61 Revisited,” “It’s Alright Ma, I’m Only Bleeding,” and “Like a Rolling Stone” and “All Along the Watchtower” for the encore. I had my fingers crossed for “High Water (for Charley Patton)” but I was completely satisfied. Highlights of the concert were “It’s Alright Ma,” an impossibly deep “Ain’t Talkin'” which gave me flashbacks to Tom Waits’ dark tones at the Phoenix Orpheum, and the profound “Workingman’s Blues #2” which should be near the top of anyone’s top Dylan song list.

Despite the packed conditions, the slightly heavy smoke and the idiot near us who would scream “HURRICANE!” between every fucking song, it was an excellent concert. I sincerely hope the Neverending Tour stays neverending, because I must see Bob again. Once you go Bob you don’t go back, as they say.



Cat’s in the Well
The Times They Are A-Changin’
The Levee’s Gonna Break
She Belongs To Me
Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
Ballad of Hollis Brown
To Make You Feel My Love
It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
Working Man’s Blues #2
Honest With Me
Lenny Bruce
I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
Highway 61 Revisited
Ain’t Talkin’
Thunder On The Mountain

Encores: Like A Rolling Stone, All Along the Watchtower


Video Clips Yanira and I Took With Our Smuggled Camera:

“Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again” minus the first few seonds.

A verse of “Workingman’s Blues #2”

A good portion of “All Along the Watchtower”

Long Live Bob Dylan.


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I almost left blazing-ass Tucson to come to the show but I could only afford one show and I couldn’t decide between Pechanga or On The Green and I waited too long. I was leaning toward On The Green but I think secretly I was hoping he’d add a last minute Tucson or Phoenix show before heading out of the country. He usually hits Arizona right after or before Sandy Eggo but this time around the country he skipped us totally. Oh well; I can’t undo what I didn’t do so thanks for the video clips showing me what I missed. All reports say it was one of his best shows this year. Dang it!

Comment by Craig Kent

what a great show!

Comment by Connie Kurtew

Very funny! Thank you for the well written review, the best I have read on this tour. I was at Santa Monica and Temecula…maybe that same guy that was screaming “Hurricane” was near me in Temecula yelling..”Tangled Up in Blue!” oh geez..annoying and I can’t help feeling embarrassed for the idiot…Temecula, Bob sang beautifully and strong also…but in Santa Monica…due to a combination of crappy venue, poor sound mix, too loud, and Bob’s voice and style of singing that night…it was worse than your sneak preview posted here (where was that concert?? it looked huge) I was right up front at both venues, so it was a treat regardless and totally fun fun fun! Did you not want to see him at the Vegas show? or maybe you couldn’t get tickets…here is a YouTube post of Bob in Santa Monica..this is the only song I ever heard him play that I didn’t know what it was…I had to ask someone near me when it was over. LILLY/Redondo Beach http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnW5ag5ed0g

**Thank you very much for the comment. :] That song also bothered me at the San Diego concert, sounding strangely familiar yet completely unlike anything I’ve heard from him. Only until after the concert did I find out where it was from. I guess Bob was showing another side of himself. :P I did not go to the Vegas concert for one real reason: I wanted to see Dylan with my Bob-ophile girlfriend who is studying in San Diego. So there ya go. ^^ If I could’ve afforded going to both I would have, but being the poor in-debt college student that I am I had to choose. And the huge concert is described in the youtube description as being in Madrid 6 July 2008. That must’ve been some show!**

Comment by Lilly

Hey Craig from Twosong: What the heck was the matter with Temecula?? Sometimes I wonder about peoples concert experiences..and even my own…”we don’t see things as they are, but as we are”

Comment by Lilly

Yeah, I was going to risk it by trying to sneak in my camera at San Deigobut decided not to, but rigfht as I left the line to put it baqck in the truck the line started moving. D’oh. But what I was suprized about was he did Lenny Bruce, I really didn’t expect that one.

Comment by Jason Buck

Cat’s In The Cradle?

**My apologies, “Cat’s in the Well.” I copied the setlist from the San Diego Union-Tribune website and they screwed it up.**

Comment by Andy

One of my new favorite memories.

Comment by Anonymous

[…] for Dylan since he lives in the region.  An interesting personal diary of the event appears on Tea For The Bloggerman which also has some amateur footage from the show.  “Cat’s In The Well” has […]

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