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Top Five Albums of the Week–Week 5
September 7, 2008, 10:05 pm
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Week Five: September 7th

This week is a little different as most of my music-listening pleasure was concentrated into two long bus rides to and from a concert. I’ll give you a hint on who I saw: his name starts with “Bob Dyla-” The thing underneath the CDs is an “eco-friendly” bag purchased at the concert. $5 well spent. More on the concert in an upcoming blog post.

1. Live Santa Monica ’72 by David Bowie
This is what I was listening to during the week before I left for San Diego. Just ordered this limited edition vinyl badboy last week and it finally came it. Excellent bootleg, now made official in a nice package. I enjoy the covers Bowie does at this concert, the Velvet Underground it written about scoring drugs in New York “Waiting for the Man” and Jacques Brel’s “My Death.” Also this bootleg showed me how bad a song “Andy Warhol” is. Serious Bowie.

2. Blonde on Blonde by Bob Dylan
Listened to this on the bus ride to San Diego. Lots of great songs, some not so great, but overall great. “Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again” is my favorite Dylan song, and he ended up singing it at the concert! Exceellllleeent. Another under-appreciated tune on this album is “Obviously 5th Believers,” a good electric blues song with simple lyrics. Mike Bloomfield’s twangy guitar is top-notch on this song, but the real highlight is bassist Charlie McCoy’s harmonica riff. One wonders why Dylan didn’t use McCoy’s harp playing abilities more often, considering how bad Dylan was at playing the thing. But oh well.

3. Dylan by Dylan
This, along with Modern Times, is on the list because they feature songs that Dylan sing during the concert. Dylan sang a number of songs from “Love and Theft” which I don’t own, but some of the songs are on this compilation.

4. Modern Times by Bob Dylan
Dylan also sang a number of songs from this album too, such as “Thunder on the Mountain,” “The Levee’s Gonna Break,” “Ain’t Talkin’,” and the masterful “Workingman’s Blues #2.” Dylan still had it when this gem of an album came out and he continues to have it today.

5. Desire by Bob Dylan
Played this a lot during the weekend. It’s a nice album. “Hurricane” is obviously the best song on it, but the controversial “Joey” is good too as well as the pseudo-Arabian (in my opinion) “One More Coffee for the Road.” Emmylou Harris did a great job doing the backing vocals for this, even though she personally doesn’t care for them.


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